Clarified Products
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Clarified Products: Perfectly Clear! Thats how we like to describe the products we clarify. With an extensive R&D effort and a skilled man-power backed by state-of-the-art equipment, we offer a clarification solution that is perhaps the best in the country. We like to take up challenges and develop new products - knowing that in a crowded market place our customers are always looking for innovative product ideas and ingredients that differentiate them from the rest. With potential use in near-water drinks, carbonated beverages and health drinks, we offer not only a range of clarified products produced in-house, but can also offer our expertise and services to customers requiring clarification as a service!

Some of the clarified products that we currently offer are:

  1. Pomegranate Clear single-strength(NFC) (Natural)
  2. Pomegranate Clear Concentrate (65 Brix)
  3. Clarified Guava Concentrate (65 Brix)
  4. Clarified Mango Concentrate (65 Brix)

Need something not listed above? While our R&D efforts strive to expand this list, please feel free to discuss your special requirements with us - if its a specific degree of concentration or just a special unlisted product - do look us up!