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Amla(Gooseberry) is a potent gift of mother nature with many nutritious benefits. It has been found to be one of the most abundant source of “Vitamin C” with as much as 20 times that found in an Orange. Amla contains a gamut of tastes – with sourness as the foremost, it is sweet as well as astringent bitter and pungent to a degree!

Processing Capacity
3MT of fruit per hour

Amla (Gooseberry) Pulp

Available Calendar


Physio-Chemical Specification

Color Creamish white
Taste Typical to Amala
Other Free from Foreign Matter
Total Soluble Solid (TSS) Minimum 8.0 oBrix at 20 oC
Acidity (as Citric Acid) 1.3 to 2.0 % w/w
pH Value 2.3 – 3.6
Bostwick Consistency cm/30sec.@20oC 2 to 6
Preservative None

Microbiological Specification

Total Plate Count (TPC) <10 cfu/gm
Yeast <10 cfu/gm
Mould <10 cfu/gm
E. Coli Absent/gm
Coliform Absent/gm
Salmonella Absent/25gm

Packaging and Storage

Packing Aseptic bag with Polyliner kept inside painted widemouthed MS Drum. Net Weight 210 ± 1 kg.
Shelf Life & Storage 12 months at ambient condition. Ideal storage temperature 0-5 °C. Store in cool condition and avoid direct sunlight.