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Freshtrop recognizes food safety as the single most essential concern in the fresh produce business.

Freshtrop is the first in India and amongst a few in the world to offer 100% traceability of its produce through an online Internet based system which allows every entity of the fresh produce supply chain to track and know the complete history of the product right from its origin at a farm to the shelves of Supermarkets.

  • The first system in India offer end-to-end visibility on the supply chain since 2004
  • Enables Freshtrop & its customers to plan better and track all farm inputs and productivity
  • Customers, through a web based portal can login and get comprehensive traceability information such as spray records, residue analysis reports and shipment details about each carton of product they are about to receive well in advance
  • Our system has been lauded as one of the best traceability and management systems by technologists from some of the world’s most reputed retailers.
  • The system enables a significant reduction in paper records.

100% of Freshtrop’s consignments for Europe are tested for pesticide residues before dispatch.